Ornamental Gates
We have been fabricating beautiful, well-constructed ornamental gates for many years now and have included photos of just some of the many unique designs available. Partnered along with a superior gate, we also construct ornamental fence systems that can have endless design possibilities. The right combination of fence style, height, picket spacing, and material can provide a stunning boundary finish.

Access Control Systems and Gate Operators
American Access Controls, Inc. can design and install a user-friendly access control solution for commercial buildings or home communities using a swing gate operator, slide gate operator, and/or barrier area gate operator that can be integrated with other access control options to optimize your property’s controlled access. We provide standard or custom designed ornamental gates, fencing and pedestrian gates, fabricated from hot dip galvanized steel or aluminum.

Telephone Entry and Access Control Systems
American Access Controls, Inc. can provide flexible telephone entry access control systems. Telephone entry systems can store, recall, and dial the telephone numbers of your residents or tenants, who can respond to signals from their phones to unlock a door or activate an automatic gate operator. Flexible systems allow for entry with a special code for resident, personnel, post office, or emergency access. Software that is compatible with Windows is available to allow remote programming. An access control system can be designed to integrate telephone entry systems with gate operators, card readers, radio frequency transmitters, keypads, bar code scanners and transponders.
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